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Factors To Keep In Mind When Designing An Exhibition Pull Up Banner

When you are planning on show casing your items and products at an exhibition or a trade show, it is compulsory to set up an exhibition pull up banner as a tool for marketing and advertising. These exhibition pull up banners Sydney are also commonly referred to as roll up banners that play a vital role as a point of sale material. Here are a few tips that should be taken into account when designing an exhibition pull up banner for your business.

  1. Keep Logo at the Top

When designing a banner, make sure that the logo of your brand or business is placed at the top along with any important information you would like to place. Want to know why? Well, that is because, that is the first place where the viewers often look. When people walk past it, your logo or the main theme would be the first thing that would grab anyone’s attention.

  1. Think Left to Right and Top to Bottom

Ever since we have joined school, it has been fit into our mind to read from top to bottom and left to right, same is the case that is followed by the customers as well. When designing and preparing a banner, make sure that you start laying out all the important information in the same manner. Another point to be considered here is that always put up relevant and brief information on the banner, other important details can always be provided by your sales force, brochures or any other means of marketing.

  1. Images

If your banner only consists of texts, know that no one would be interested and have the time to read all the information. Customers are attracted to colors and high quality images with some brief text information provided. Also, while incorporating images in your banner, make sure you aren’t just copy pasting an image on it as this will reflect a poor quality image. Rather, go for high quality images.

  1. Color

To get people attracted towards you and your business, colors play an essential role. They can help you stand out during the exhibition, but as much as colors play an important role, one must understand that they need to go easy on it. The colors you choose should not be picked up randomly but they should be something that would go well with the business, the brands logo and something that determines the corporate image. If you are unsure as to what colors should be incorporated in your exhibition pull-up banner, you can always use software that can guide you on the color scheme.